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You can read generally about working at TableCheck here:

Why does TableCheck need a Data Operations Engineering (DOE) team?


The DOE team is an essential part of TableCheck. The DOE team consists of squads, with each focusing on a specific aspect of data handling, pipeline creation, and data transformation. These squads often have to prioritize prioritise data reliability, security, and availability while managing tight deadlines. Moreover, customer requests and integration issues may sometimes require cross-team collaborations. While the DOE team makes efforts to balance client demands with data infrastructure improvements, this dual focus can sometimes be challenging.


What is the solution?

Data Reliability Operations Engineering! Analogous to Customer Reliability Engineering, a subset Engineers within the DOE team can be designated as work on Data Reliability Engineers (DREs). This group would focus focuses on improving data reliability, automation, and handling clientdata-specific data requestsrelated requests from stakeholders within the company.

What structure does the DRE team take?

The DRE DOE team operates as an organizationorganisation-level shared resource, similar to how the SRE and CRE team operates.

What does Data Reliability Engineering handle?


This DRE model ensures data reliability, streamlines data processes, and frees up resources within the Data Operations Engineering team to focus on innovation and building robust data systems.

How does the Data Operations Engineering team contribute to the



The DOE team is vital in ensuring that TableCheck has reliable, secure, and efficient data systems. They design and maintain data pipelines, create schemas, and transform data so that it can be used effectively across the organizationorganisation. The insights generated from the data they manage are instrumental in decision-making and strategy planning, ensuring that TableCheck can serve its customers effectively and continue to innovate in a data-driven way.

In summary, by incorporating Data Reliability Engineering into the Data Operations Engineering team, TableCheck can achieve higher efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction through optimized optimised data processes and infrastructure.